Haje Jan Kamps


In addition to a stack of books, I've been known to write the odd thing here or there, elsewhere, too. I've tried to break it down into categories of sorts. 


I have a Medium publication called Three Pipe VC, which is a collection of my writings about things I've learned in the course of running my own startups, writing about other people's startups, and the odd musing that falls in between as well. Oh, and yes - Three Pipe VC is a pretty weird name.  But there's an explanation for that, too

Finally, I helped create Accelerated Startup - an amazing book by Vitaly Golomb, that's a fantastic primer on how to make your way in the world of startups. 


I've written extensively about photography for a large number of publications. My own Photocritic.org blog was pretty popular, but has now morphed into a photography school. 

I have a Photography publication on Medium called Photography Secrets, that might be worth a look. 

Oh, and there's a book or two floating about with my name on the cover, too. 

Customer Service

Call me a nerd, but customer service is another of those topics I seem to get pretty excited about. I helped write a book on the topic for Reamaze, called the Customer Service Handbook. 

I also have a Medium publication called Happy Customers that collects some of my other writings on the topic. 


If you're into startups and such, you've probably heard of TechCrunch. I was a regular writer at TechCrunch for a couple of years, writing mostly about hardware startups and crowdfunding. A collection of my articles is still available on the TechCrunch site. 

Before TechCrunch, I contributed at Gizmodo. I wrote a ton at T3.com as well, but at some point in a site move it lost all my bylines. Boo!