Haje does a lot of things, including CEO'ing at Triggertrap. He has crashed fewer motorbikes than you'd think, is a huge fan of agile product development and crowdfunding. He once set his face on fire whilst juggling, and loves collecting passport stamps.

He freely admits that some of these things are more worth being proud of than others.

Book Projects

In addition to my extensive freelance portfolio, I've had the privilege of working on a large number of fantastic book projects; Some I've written myself, whist for others I was pulled in as an editorial resource, either to help get the book back on track, to guest-write part of the book, or to ensure that the technical side of the book is fully up to scratch.

Below, you'll find an overview of some of the projects I have worked on over the past few years.

Author: Haje Jan Kamps

Customer Service Handbook – A guide to great teams and cultures

Written by Reamaze & Friends, published by Reamaze AUG 2013
Hey! We are Reamaze. We wrote the book on Customer Support. Literally. We're passionate about Customer Support so we set out to document our experiences in a book centered on best practices. Our book includes interviews with some of the top customer support organizations in the industry and shows you what it takes to deliver consistent, high-level support, whether you're a one person startup (more about this book)

Introduction to Photography

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by Ilex Press Nov 2013
Over the course of a decade, the Ilex Photo team has won a deserved reputation as a world-beating publisher of practical titles for photographers. With The Ilex Introduction to Photography, and highranking photographer-blogger Haje Jan Kamps, the Ilex Photo team has made the definitive first book for owners of all cameras including compacts, DSLRs, smartphones and the new smartcameras. With (more about this book)

Shooting Yourself: Self-Portraits with Attitude!

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by ILEX Press Jun 2013
In the age of social networking, a self-portrait will be the most important photo you ever take. This book will show you how to create images of yourself that capture your personality and express your creativity or just make you look hot! Shooting Yourself isnt a technical book, but roams in search of inspiration for great self-portrait photos. A series of themed chapters (A Touch of Innocence, (more about this book)

Focus on Travel Photography

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by Focal Press Sep 2012
Author Haje Jan Kamps knows that you are travelling for two good reasons: to experience great things, and to get great photos of your travels. He also understands very well how people's eyes tend to glaze over when phrases like "Circles of Confusion" or the "Inverse Square Law" are brandished about, and focuses instead on great photographs, and how to take them. A realistic and easy-to-follow (more about this book)

The Rules of Photography (and when to break them)

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by Focal Press Sep 2012
One of the most popular cameras on the market is called the “Digital Rebel,” yet many photographers use it and its brethren to follow tired old rules . This book shows you how to move beyond the dogma and shoot more creatively. If you’re just starting out with a camera, or are starting to think about switching away from Auto mode, then this is the perfect book for you. Not only will you find (more about this book)

Creative EVIL photography

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by Pixiq/Ilex Press Apr 2012
When it comes to cameras, E.V.I.L. is good! E.V.I.L. stands for Electronic-Viewfinder, Interchangeable-Lens--and it's the most innovative, hottest, and stylish type of camera to hit the photography market in the past five years. Hip amateurs and professionals alike are snatching these cameras up, and this book is tailored specifically to today's trend-setting users. Creative E.V.I.L. Photography (more about this book)

Focus On Photographing People

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by Focal Press May 2011
Everyone who takes photographs takes photographs of people. Whether it is a 'happysnap' of a child or a professional portrait, people are always the first subject we think of. Yet taking good photographs of people is a combination of many factors - what is the best light for the subject? How should they stand? What aperture should you use for maximum impact? In this easy to follow, highly visual (more about this book)

Macro Photography

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by Wiley Jul 2007
Macro, or close-up, photography is gaining popularity, and this book covers all of the challenges associated with taking great close-ups: depth of field, focus, and exposure. Copublished with Photoworkshop.com, a leading online educational resource for both beginning and professional photographers, this task-oriented reference allows readers to learn by doing and offers outstanding examples and (more about this book)

Put Another Dime in the Jukebox

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by Kamps Consulting Nov 2007
In front of you, five hyperactive men with guitars, drums, and microphones. Behind you, five thousand fans. In your hands, a camera. You're going to need more than just a little bit of good luck to pull this one off. That's where this book comes in. With nearly a hundred fantastic gig photos, and a ton of info about how to get involved in taking photos like this yourself, you can't go wrong. Read (more about this book)

Street Photography: London

Written by Haje Jan Kamps, published by Kamps Consulting Oct 2007

Project Editor: Haje Jan Kamps

Lights, Camera, Capture!

Written by Bob Davis, published by Wiley May 2010
Author Bob Davis is a photographer whose high-profile clients include Oprah Winfrey and Eva Longoria, and whose work has appeared in Time, O Magazine, and People. Along with his invaluable professional advice, this beautiful full-color book includes a DVD featuring portions of his workshop curriculum. He covers the elements of lighting and shares his two-strobe technique that will enable you to create (more about this book)

Canon EOS

Written by Richard Sammon, published by Wiley 2008
Go to any Rick Sammon workshop or seminar and it will be standing room only. The popular speaker and Canon Explorer of Light travels the country on behalf of Canon teaching amateur photographers how to shoot better pictures. He has hosted shows on the DIY network as well as on ESPN and the Outdoor Life Network. In this 1 1/2 hour video, Rick will show viewers all of the basic steps to taking (more about this book)

Technical Editor: Haje Jan Kamps

Product Photography

Written by J. Dennis Thomas, published by Wiley Sep 2013
From cereal boxes to billboards to photos on Amazon, product photos have a strong impact on viewers. Now you can master the secrets of effective product photography with this essential guide. Author J. Dennis Thomas guides you through the basics, from selecting the right equipment and practicing different lighting techniques to controlling exposure, using backgrounds and props, and much more. Whether (more about this book)

Photographing Families: Tips for Capturing Timeless Images

Written by Michele Celentano, published by John Wiley & Sons Jan 2013
Family photographs are a staple of both amateur and professional photography. While always in demand, they also pose a unique set of challenges. In this book, Canon Explorer of Light Michele Celentano guides beginning- to intermediate-level photographers around the common pitfalls and helps them learn how to get top-quality shots every time.From getting families organized and directing the (more about this book)

Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D Digital Field Guide

Written by Rosh Sillars, published by Wiley Publishing
Master every detail of this exciting new touchscreen dSLR Canon's new introductory-level dSLR camera boasts some revolutionary features that will be new even to Canon veterans. This convenient guide effectively explains every button, menu, mode, and function of the Rebel T4i/650D, and it fits in your camera bag so you can easily refresh your memory during a shoot. With step-by-step descriptions (more about this book)

Photography FAQs

Written by Jeff Wignall, published by Wiley July 2012
What's the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom? Do more megapixels equate to better photo quality? Why is there a delay after I push the shutter release button before I can take another picture? If you've ever asked a question concerning digital photography and wished you had a helpful resource to provide you with clear, reliable answers, then look no further. With nearly four decades (more about this book)

Night & Low Light Photography PWS

Written by Alan Hess, published by Wiley Dec 2011
Screen Shot 2011-09-21 at 17.26.08
Finally! A resource that sheds light on the unique challenges of night and low-light photography With their unique sets of challenges, night and low-light photography are often touted as some of the most difficult and frustrating genres of digital photography. This much-needed guide demystifies any murky topics provides you with all the information you need to know from choosing the right gear (more about this book)

HDR Photography PWS, 2nd Ed

Written by Peter Carr, published by Nov 2011
Screen Shot 2011-09-21 at 17.25.48
High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography offers a new range of creative possibilities to the photographer who is skilled in the technique. HDR requires specific camera skills as well as the use of specialized software, and the photographers who wrote this book are experts in both. They explain the process of shooting the same subject at different exposures, combining those shots into a single HDR (more about this book)

Portrait and Candid Photography, 2nd ed

Written by Erin Manning, published by Wiley Nov 2011
Taking great "people pictures" isn't a matter of luck. The secret is in observing your subjects and connecting with them, and then using your camera to its best advantage. This new edition uses full-color photos to demonstrate how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, and environment in either portrait or candid situations. Professional photographer and (more about this book)

Exposure PWS, 2nd Ed.

Written by Jeff Wignall, published by Wiley Aug 2011
Exposure involves a variety of skills, but once mastered, can turn a hobbyist into a bona fide photographer. This hands-on resource dissects the components of exposure ISO, aperture, shutter speed and shows how they work together to capture the photographer s vision. You ll learn how to leave the safety of automatic settings and understand how controlling the settings can result in beautiful (more about this book)

Photographing Children PWS, 2nd Ed.

Written by Ginny Felch, published by Wiley Aug 2011
Family photography continues to be a major field of professional digital photography, while amateur moms are the fastest growing segment of digital camera owners. No matter your level of expertise, you’ll benefit from the invaluable advice featured in this new edition. Updated with new photos and revised text to cover the latest technologies, this inspirational book offers critical assistance (more about this book)

Black and White Photograpy

Written by Chris Bucher, published by May 2011
Shooting pictures in black and white presents unique challenges for beginners and experienced digital photographers alike. A strong understanding of photography’s fundamentals is crucial to capturing great black and white images, and factors such as contrast and lighting are much more integral to black and white photography than to color. Black and White Digital Photography Photo Workshop teaches (more about this book)

Monetizing Microstock

Written by Pete Saloutos, published by Wiley Apr 2011
Microstock photography veers slightly off the course of traditional stock photography in that the images in microstock photography are used almost exclusively on the Internet and are submitted by both novice and professional photographers. This helpful book provides answers to your questions on what to shoot, how to shoot it, and where and how to submit your images. Award-winning photographer Pete (more about this book)

Make money with Photography

Written by Erin Manning, published by Wiley May 2011
Most digital photo buffs have thought about turning their hobby into a side business, but building a successful business takes more than passion and photographic skill. Erin Manning knows how, and she shares her expertise in this nuts-and-bolts guide. Manning, host of the DIY Network’s The Whole Picture, shows you how to identify and act on opportunities, make a business plan, and manage your (more about this book)

Nature Photography

Written by Nat Coalson, published by Wiley May 2011
Photographing nature poses unique challenges and demands that you have special skills and a working knowledge of how to work in—and with—nature. This Photo Workshop is a must-have how-to guide for shooting nature images in nearly any situation you might encounter. You'll learn which equipment is right in different settings and why it should be used, how to get an amazing photo of a fast-moving (more about this book)

Digital Wedding Photography

Written by Glen Johnson, published by Wiley Jun 2011
Professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson knows there's a huge difference between being able to take good pictures and being a good wedding photographer. In this exquisite, full-color book, Glen dispenses sage advice and solutions for taking impressive digital wedding images — posed or candid, in any weather, in any setting, at any locale. You will also learn the secrets of creating a (more about this book)

HDR photography

Written by Pete Carr and Robert Correll, published by Wiley Jun 2009
By artfully blending multiple exposures, you can create images with incredible detail, photos that mimic fine paintings, surrealistic imagery — once you understand the process, your options are virtually endless. This book explains the tools you need to get started and how to create high dynamic range (HDR) images. You learn to evaluate a scene, photograph different subjects for the best HDR (more about this book)

Composition Digital Field Guide

Written by Alan Hess, published by Wiley Sep 2010
No amount of subsequent editing can perfect a photo that was poorly composed. If you're frustrated because the pictures you take are merely good, not great, this is the book you've been looking for. In these pages you'll find the rules and techniques that help you compose better photos every time you pick up your camera. You'll learn to apply them in a wide variety of situations, and you'll (more about this book)

Creative Close-Ups

Written by Harold Davis, published by Wiley Nov 2009
The art of macro photography-photographing small objects or super close-ups of small sections of big objects-yields fascinating results, but shooting at this level brings its own set of challenges. Now you can shoot close-ups with confidence and creative flair with this information-packed guide. Renowned photographer Harold Davis provides pages of field-tested techniques on focus, depth-of-field, (more about this book)

Exposure Digital Field Guide

Written by Alan Hess, published by Wiley Nov 2009
Exposure is the number one topic that digital photographers want to know about. This full-color book fits in your camera bag and provides all the information you need on this very important aspect of digital photography. Exposure involves combining ISO, aperture, and shutter speed in different variations to accomplish your vision of the perfect image. Exposure Digital Field Guide takes you through (more about this book)

Contributor: Haje Jan Kamps

Photos that Inspire

Written by Lynne Eodice, published by Wiley Oct 2007
This unique book is packed with more than 200 magnificent photos, each expressing the photographer’s unique take on a scene or subject. With each image, the artist shares a description of the setting, what inspired the idea, and what the photo was intended to accomplish, along with the technical details — camera and lens used, shutter speed, aperture, and lighting. Stimulate your creativity (more about this book)