Haje is curious to a fault, and what is loosely referred to as his 'career' reflects that. He has crashed fewer motorbikes than you'd think, and once set his face on fire whilst juggling. He loves photography. Oh, and he tweets a lot, at @Haje.

He freely admits that some of these things are more worth being proud of than others.

Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

Insert face-palm here. Literally.

Recently I came across a Kickstarter project that seems pretty similar to Triggertrap Ada. Their video is in part recreating what we did for ours, and the app they created does look remarkably similar to Triggertrap Mobile.

Pretty cheeky, I figured, but when I looked at their ‘supported cameras’ list, I just had to laugh; They’re not even trying anymore…

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New portfolio item:
Product Photography

From cereal boxes to billboards to photos on Amazon, product photos have a strong impact on viewers. Now you can master the secrets of effective product photography with this essential guide.

Author J. Dennis Thomas guides you through the basics, from selecting the right equipment and practicing different lighting techniques to controlling exposure, using backgrounds and props, and much more. Whether it’s jewelry, food, fashion, or other products, learn how to photograph for effective selling, while building the skills and tools you need for a career. Read more »

New portfolio item:
Customer Service Handbook – A guide to great teams and cultures


Hey! We are Reamaze. We wrote the book on Customer Support. Literally.

We’re passionate about Customer Support so we set out to document our experiences in a book centered on best practices.

Our book includes interviews with some of the top customer support organizations in the industry and shows you what it takes to deliver consistent, high-level support, whether you’re a one person startup or a Fortune 500 enterprise.

You can find the book in the sidebar of the Reamaze Customer Support Blog, or it’s available for direct download here.

The challenge of internationalisation


Back when we were still selling Triggertrap Mobile, translating the app into German gave us a 750% jump in sales. It also helps that we received a lot of PR from launching with a major web shop in Germany, of course, but there’s no doubt in my mind that having the app translated into German was a crucial factor to that happening.

And yet, when we launch version 2.0 of the app, it will only be available in English, at least in the short term.

Internationalisation – or I18N among friends, so named because it starts with an I, ends with an N, and has 18 letters that are way too slow to type out in full – is a key part of any business delivering software apps. The first time we did the translation was a pretty complicated process: It’s impossible to correct the copy of an app without doing a full software update, which is less than ideal for many reasons. Read more »

The importance of job titles in hiring for startups


A while ago, we were recruiting for our Head of Happiness at Triggertrap. This was, in fact the very same position that we had hired for a few months before.

In the first round of applicants, we had some really good people coming to us applying for jobs. In the second round, we were positively blown away: Every single person we interviewed brought something new to the table. Some were photographic geniuses. Some were social media wizards. Some were accomplished writers, TV presenters, etc. We even had a couple of rock-solid all-rounders. Read more »

How to get a job: Read the job post.


We’ve done a fair bit of hiring for Triggertrap this year, most recently for a Head of Happiness. Behind this fun job title hides a really challenging and important job: Being the face of the company, an educator of photographers, and the first port of call for just about any customer queries.

If you think about it, how your company is perceived by the world is a really important part of a business-to-customer company. As such, we’re trying really hard to find the right person for the job.

Wading through the dozens of applications, I’ve realised that a lot of people simply don’t read the information about the job they apply for.

For Head of Happiness, the job ad is riddled with hints that we need a good communicator. Among other things, we mention “crisp communication skills”, “flawless command of English” and “a snappy turn of phrase”. So, you’d think that anybody who reads this would put a bit of extra mojo into their application, right? Read more »

How much should you charge for a Kickstarter reward?


I spend quite a bit of time supporting, looking at (and running my own) Kickstarter campaigns. One of the things I often notice, is that some people don’t really think about what their campaign is for – which is funding their project.

I’ve seen people who have promised hand-painted post-cards for their Kickstarter backers, at $15. The problem with this is that the post-cards weren’t core to the Kickstarter project, so in practice, every second spent on those post-cards, are seconds not spent on the main project.

So, what would happen if this person received 200 backers for that award level? That would be amazing! They’d have $3,000, right? Awesome! Read more »

Should your staff be blogging?


Reading this blog post on the Netflix technology blog made me come to a realisation: In many of my previous jobs, I’ve had to beg and bribe to make people blog about what they have been working on. I never reached the somewhat obvious conclusion to that problem: It just means means I’ve been working with the wrong people on the wrong projects.

One example from very close to home: Over on Triggertrap.com, our operations & logistics manager just posted a blog post about USPS. It’s funny, and it’s worth having a read of. It helps the company, too, because it humanises some of the work we do behind the scenes every single day – the kind of stuff that nobody ever really hears or thinks about.

So, if you can’t work up the itch to blog, and if you’re not excited about enough about what you’re doing to want to shout it from the rooftops and tell the world about it, you’re doing the wrong job for the wrong company.

New portfolio item:
Introduction to Photography

Over the course of a decade, the Ilex Photo team has won a deserved reputation as a world-beating publisher of practical titles for photographers.

With The Ilex Introduction to Photography, and highranking photographer-blogger Haje Jan Kamps, the Ilex Photo team has made the definitive first book for owners of all cameras including compacts, DSLRs, smartphones and the new smartcameras. Read more »

… But what do you guys do?!


Today, I went along to the Silicon Milkroundabout, a jobs fair aimed at startups. I figured it would be good to go along and get a taste for how recruitment works on a larger scale, and to have a chance at talking to a few companies.

What struck me, was that there is a huge difference between the different companies present. Some of them were very clear about what they do, who they are, what their ambitions are, and who they are hoping to hire, whereas others do not.

Getting it wrong is a huge problem; You’re in a market competing for a lot of talent, and if the people who might potentially want to work for you don’t know what you do, they’re unlikely to come talk to you. Read more »