Haje is curious to a fault, and what is loosely referred to as his 'career' reflects that. He has crashed fewer motorbikes than you'd think, and once set his face on fire whilst juggling. He loves copyright legislation. Oh, and he tweets a lot, at @Haje.

He freely admits that some of these things are more worth being proud of than others.

Web Sites – The process of building a website

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The kids who live down the street from you are probably able to build a website. When you’re aiming for professionalism and more advanced build, however, it’s quite important to keep in mind that different people have quite different skills – and they all need to do different things.

A website usually starts with a goal – or a series of goals. The website for a shop, for example, might have “Helping customers find information about the shop”, “Increasing footfall to the shop” and “selling things online” as goals. To reach these goals, you need to jump through a series of hoops, which usually involves a series of different people.

If you are building a very complicated site, you might need to get an information architect involved, to find out which types of data you are storing, how they need to interact, etc. Most sites don’t need this step, and jump straight to… Read more »

Web Sites – Do you need a full web site?

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One question that frequently comes up around startups, is whether the expense of building a website is worth it. Yes, you’re probably going to need some sort of web presence at some point – and probably sooner rather than later – but that doesn’t mean that reaching for a top-tier development agency is the correct solution.

The key thing to decide, is to figure out what you need from a website.

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Web Sites – Understanding Blogging

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There is not much of a difference between having a news site, and running a good blog on your site. The distinction is further muddled by the fact that many news websites currently run on blog platforms like WordPress or Movable Type, and some blogs aren’t really blogs at all.

So, just to get the distinction right; if you are running a site with stories about what you’re doing at your company, without linking much to other sites, then you’re probably running news on your site. That’s perfectly fine, and can be an efficient tool, but the internet has moved on from there.

The word ‘blog’ came from ‘web log’ and started originally as just that: A ‘blogger’ would surf the internet, and discover new articles and sites. As they did, they gave their opinion on the site, news story, or event, sprinkled with links containing more information.

Good bloggers often serve as hubs of information, comparing different sources, analysing how the sources’ angles or opinions differ, and pick apart poorly-written or badly researched pieces about a specific topic on the ‘net. Read more »

Web Sites – What makes a good web site?

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So, by now you probably have a pretty good idea of the kind of things you want your website to accomplish. You might be thinking of ways it can help you save money, things it can do to help you make more money, and so on.

You’ll have noted that we have used the phrase ‘good website’ above a few times… So what, exactly, makes a good website? Read more »

Web Sites – Why you need a website

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There are plethora reasons for why you might want a website. Your competitors might have one, perhaps you wish to make information easily available to your customers, or you may be considering selling your goods or services on the internet.

While it can be cheap and easy to just fling something out on the internet and see what happens, it is worth considering what your hopes and aspirations are for your site.

More importantly: What is a visitor’s journey, and what are they trying to accomplish? Read more »

Web Sites – Introduction

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If you have a company, you’re going to need a web presence of some sort; that much is pretty much unavoidable. Sadly, that’s also pretty much the only thing you can be sure of, because as soon as you start thinking interwebs, a lot of new questions will pop up. How much should you spend? What do you need? What tools should you use? Should you learn some HTML and build your own, or is there another way?

This article is meant to help you, even if you know nothing about building websites at all. So yes, it’s a pretty long article, but I also hope it’s a pretty good introduction. Brew yourself a cup of tea, this one is going to take a while… Read more »

What books should I read before I start a company?

Go on, cause some deforestation, or get this thing downloaded on a Kindle or such.


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Your passwords are everything. Look after them.


We live in the digital millennium, in a world where your passwords are protecting so much information, that it’s probably wise to start thinking about how safe your data really is.

As a photographer trying to carve out a niche for yourself, your digital reputation is extremely important: If my Twitter stream suddenly started being filled with a lot of spam, for example, you’d unsubscribe pretty quickly, wouldn’t you? Of course you would.

When you think about it, if someone could look inside your brain and get access to all your passwords, many of us would be worse off than if they stole our house keys.

What happens if someone compromises your passwords?

Stop and think for a moment: What would happen if someone had all your passwords? Could they get into your calendar? Could the hackers see your address book and phone numbers? Could they read your e-mails? Could they access your internet bank and transfer money out of your account? Could they post embarrassing things as you on your website, blog, or social networking sites?

I realised a long time ago that a lot of my reputation and financial stability hinges on my passwords being safe.

So, what can you do to stay safe? Read more »

New portfolio item:
Shooting Yourself: Self-Portraits with Attitude!

In the age of social networking, a self-portrait will be the most important photo you ever take. This book will show you how to create images of yourself that capture your personality and express your creativity or just make you look hot! Shooting Yourself isnt a technical book, but roams in search of inspiration for great self-portrait photos. Read more »

New portfolio item:
Photographing Families: Tips for Capturing Timeless Images

Family photographs are a staple of both amateur and professional photography. While always in demand, they also pose a unique set of challenges. In this book, Canon Explorer of Light Michele Celentano guides beginning- to intermediate-level photographers around the common pitfalls and helps them learn how to get top-quality shots every time.From getting families organized and directing the posing to managing large groups and impatient kids, this book reveals the secrets and helps you capture the shot without relying on post-production to achieve perfection. Read more »