Haje does a lot of things, including CEO'ing at Triggertrap. He has crashed fewer motorbikes than you'd think, is a huge fan of agile product development and crowdfunding. He once set his face on fire whilst juggling, and loves copyright legislation.

He freely admits that some of these things are more worth being proud of than others.

Editorial freelance project portfolio

Back in the dawn of time, I did a journalism degree. I hated the degree itself (it was bloody useless – so much so, in fact, that I wrote my final year dissertation on why taking a journalism degree was completely pointless), but realised very soon that I wasn’t happy if I wasn’t writing.

As a result, I’ve done an awful lot of multimedia production, writing, and editing. I’ve selected some of the projects I’ve worked on below – Enjoy!

(This section is currently woefully out of date; I’ve done an awful lot more writing since this was last updated. Sorry! It’ll give you an idea though…)




I’m proud to be one of the contributors over on Pixiq, with a weekly column on everything that’s awesome about photography.
Sterling Publishing, New York

web: My profile on Pixiq

Gizmodo UK



I write a weekly photography column for Gizmodo UK
Future Publishing, London

web: My articles on Gizmodo UK

Photography Monthly

Photography Monthly


I’m currently writing a weekly column on Do-it-yourself photography for the lovely Photography Monthly, focusing mainly on ways to build your own photography bits and pieces to make your life better – and cheaper, of course
Archant Publishing, London

ISSN: 1473-4966

Photography Monthly

Voyage Prive

Travel writer

Since I’ve done a fair bit of travelling around the world, Voyage Privé tapped into those experiences, and invited me to be a blogger about All Things Travel
Archant Publishing, London

Web: Voyage Privé UK Ltd

The Girl is Mime

Short Film: The Girl is Mime

Stills Photographer

When some friends asked whether I wanted to help them out on a little project, I couldn’t turn them down; especially when it turned out they were working with Martin Freeman on the project…
Far from Home Films, London

Web: The Girl is Mime

Nokia Camera School

Nokia Digital Camera School

Writer and presenter

Created a photography school in connection with the launch of the Nokia N8 mobile phone.
Nokia Communications, Espoo, Finland

web: On the Nokia site

Digital Camera Magazine

Photo Radar & Jessops do Christmas

Editor and writer

Edited and wrote the Photoradar.com and Jessops guide to Christmas.
Future Publishing, London, UK

web: A digital version

Digital Camera Magazine

Digital Camera Magazine

Freelance writer

Contributing photographer & writer
Future Publishing, Bath, UK

ISSN 1477-1721

T3 Magazine

T3 Magazine

Freelance writer

Camera reviews
Future Publishing, London, UK

ISSN 1364-2640

Raspberry Frog

Raspberry Frog

Copywriter / Editorial consultant

Producing content and advising on editorial direction for the RF website
Raspberry Frog, Coventry, 2009 — 2010

web: Raspberry Frog


TV2 Norway

Writer & Researcher,

Writer & researcher for the Norwegian TV channel’s buyer’s guide to digital cameras, “TV2 Hjelper Deg”

TV2 Norge, Oslo, Norway, 2001

Your Move Magazine

Your Move Magazine

Freelance photographer

Architecture, portraiture, fashion, interiors, etc
Move Publishing, Liverpool, UK



Freelance columnist

Monthly ‘PC Doctor’ column
Hjemmet Mortensen AS, Oslo, Norway

ISSN 0807-8319

Photo Expeditions

Photo Xpeditions

Editorial consultant

Copywriting and editorial consultancy for brochures & website.
Photo Xpeditions, Florida, USA

web: Photo Expeditions

CleVR screen shot


SEO Consultant

Conducting SEO reviews of client sites
CleVR Ltd, Bristol, UK

Gila Crossing Community School

Cafe Society

Teacher / community arts instructor

Working with the Gila Crossing Community School, I was part of a team of artists travelling to Arizona to guide pupils; web design, photography, CD- and video production.

Cafe Society, April 2003

Spirit Magazine

Spirit Magazine

Freelance contributor

Freelance writer & photographer.

Chili Publications, Oslo, Norway 2000


UMN Energy

Contributing editor

A series of regular columns and analytical pieces for the Norwegian national youth publication Energy

Oslo, Norway, 1998 – 2001

Coronation Street

Coronation Street (ITV)


Researcher on the Coronation Street Specials series

ITV Television, Manchester, UK, 2002

web: IMDB

BBC News

BBC News


Researcher on the North West Tonight news show, BBC Manchester

BBC Television, Manchester, UK, 2002