Haje is curious to a fault, and what is loosely referred to as his 'career' reflects that. He has crashed fewer motorbikes than you'd think, and once set his face on fire whilst juggling. He loves being a photo nerd. Oh, and he tweets a lot, at @Haje.

He freely admits that some of these things are more worth being proud of than others.

Focus on Travel Photography


Author Haje Jan Kamps knows that you are travelling for two good reasons: to experience great things, and to get great photos of your travels. He also understands very well how people’s eyes tend to glaze over when phrases like “Circles of Confusion” or the “Inverse Square Law” are brandished about, and focuses instead on great photographs, and how to take them.

A realistic and easy-to-follow approach to travel photography puts the fun back into photography, and by following a series of simple exercises, you’ll learn much more about photography than you would have thought possible!

Focus on Travel Photography covers the basics of photography in brief before throwing itself into the real essence of travel photography: landscapes, people, and capturing the spirit of your destination. Finally, the author explores how you can download, edit, and distribute your photos while you’re on the move-all without being over-burdened with equipment.

  • Learn the essentials of travel photography through easy-to-follow exercises focused around great photographs.
  • Discover how to capturing the spirit of your destination by capturing the quintessential shot that says it all!
  • Experiment with somewhat more exotic forms of photography that you might encounter for the first time in your travels-capture wildlife, an underwater shot, and much more.

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Can't blame you, but then I'm biased, of course: I'm proud of all the books I've worked on. You'll probably be completely, deeply unsurprised to find out that copies of Focus on Travel Photography are available from all sorts of places.

Most big book shops worth their salt will have a copy or two on the shelves. If they don't it may be that they have a couple of books tucked away under the counter (Cheeky, but I guess they just want to keep them to themselves). Smaller book shops should be able to order you a copy - all you need is to give them the ISBN number (It's 978-0240823911), and they'll sort you right out.

If you're one of those high-tech types, you should be able to get a copy of the book from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk - Enjoy!

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